Don't just take our word for it

Here are some of the comments from people
who attended Socialism 2017

We haven't yet confirmed speakers or subjects for the meetings - so asking you to purchase tickets now is a leap in the dark. The 2017 website will hopefully satisfy you that this is the sort of event you want to attend!



Socialism 2017 was one of the best and most inspiring times of my life. Having looked forward to this event since joining the Socialist Party earlier this year, I have to say it exceeded all expectations... The forum on women and the fightback not only showed the inspiring role ordinary women played in the Russian revolution but also their continued efforts to fight for equality and women's rights today.



Feel a little taller, a little wiser and immensely proud of the party I belong to - fantastic comrades doing amazing stuff around the world and around Britain against all sorts of odds. Well done and a huge thank you.



You know you are in the correct revolutionary organisation when you hear a left-wing Labour MP saying that he owes all his political education to the Young Socialists and Militant (predecessor of the Socialist Party). Then the assistant general secretary of the biggest union in the country saying the Socialist Party has always been on the side of the working class. Then that former Labour MP Dave Nellist, who took only a worker's wage while being in Parliament, is now taking a worker's pension and donating £45,000 to the Socialist Party. 



The rallies were inspirational and the mood was optimistic and vibrant. After spending the weekend learning and hearing about the magnificent October revolution I got the 19-17 train home from London Euston! Long live the revolution!



I came away feeling both motivated and inspired. I feel very proud to be a member of a party that stands up for the working class.



As usual, the workshops were of exceedingly high quality, particularly the one on historical materialism, which has whetted my appetite for more reading!



Both my girls loved the créche. My 3-year-old was gutted she had to leave. She's named her dolly after one of the women who ran it!



Unite assistant general secretary Howard Beckett made a truly inspiring speech and explained his attitude towards the Tories and those Labour councillors and Labour MPs that act like Tories. 



I spent it all in the Marxist theory seminars. This morning I realised how reinvigorated I feel and how I actually did reach a new level of understanding.



The best thing about Socialism is the opportunity it provides to discuss and learn from other comrades, ultimately making us a stronger force.

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